Welcome. Dreamy summer nights and hot days in the Black Hills allow us to see the mature garden prepare itself for the coming harvest. The whine of chainsaws is mixed now with the waning purr of lawn-mowing engines tending to the assertive tall grasses. Mowed meadows will stay short until next spring. Gardeners radiate a sense of tranquility, proof of more time spent outdoors. Our lives are now preoccupied with long mornings and afternoons. 

Questions or comments are always welcome.  We'll try to get back to you right away.  Email us, Cathie Draine and Brad Morgan at gardeners@blackhillsgarden.com

Information about a SUPER SUMMER EVENT, the annual FLOWER SHOW sponsored by the Hill City Evergreen Garden Club is on the Upcoming Events page (under the Welcome tab). This is the ultimate good time event. It's theme in Music in the Garden, it is free to all, anyone can enter, there are treats and doorprizes and all sorts of goodies. Plan to spend some of your Saturday, July 22 in Hill City...and read ALL the information by clicking the link on the Coming Events page!!

One of my favorite events of the summer is the annual flower show sponsored by the Hill City Evergreen Garden Club in Hill City. It will occur on Saturday, July 22 this year and the theme is “Music in the Garden.”  more

Growing healthy soil for our new garden over the winter and spring for a functioning summer garden took trust in what I knew, faith in the process and a lot of interesting help…from earthworms, compost , fungi, woodchips and some hungry birds.  I admit in moments of irrational desperation I considered chemically killing the sod on the 40 x 50 foot proposed garden.  more

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture (SDDA) is encouraging residents to check any newly purchased nursery stock for Japanese beetle.  The adult Japanese beetle is under one-half of an inch long and has a shiny, metallic-green body with bronze-colored outer wings. more

Gardening in Spearfish also means a Farmers Market as well as small farms and produce outlets now using online technology to promote community awareness, including Lookout Gardens, Moonrise Mountain Ranch, and Good Earth Natural Foods.    more

An updated guide to "Growing Tomatoes in South Dakota" is now available for download.  "Few vegetables inspire us more than home-grown tomatoes, bursting with vine-ripe flavor. Tomatoes are easy to grow in containers or in the ground, and are excellent sources of vitamins A and C, as well as cancer-fighting lycopenes."

Think of this column as an instructive tale with three main characters: native soil, yard waste mulch and water and three crucial vocabulary words: hydrophobic, hydrophilic and infiltration.  more

Black Hills Guide to Landscaping with Deer Resistant Plants.  As gardeners, we all know what it’s like to feel protective of our plants. For that matter, we all share a desire for keeping animals out of the garden bed. In the Black Hills region of western South Dakota, there’s a handful of native wildlife to be found throughout the region, occasionally rummaging through the contents of your garden. Although coyotes, rabbits, mountain goats, and mountain lions all report regular sightings throughout the season, the biggest threat to your garden is mostly likely the whitetail and mule deer.  More

I had to check Wikipedia to get a solid description of the increasingly popular and loved garden broadfork. Local broadfork user, Piedmont gardener Brenda Pates lovingly calls her 28 pound, all metal 4-tined broadfork from Meadow Creature “the bomb.”  more

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July gardening tip.  One tip reveals how some leafy vegetable seeds should be planted more than once: "For fall harvest of lettuce, radish, carrots, beets, turnips, kale and spinach, sow seeds in late July to early August."  more